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Eight Things of Stuff

"The Poor Design is Part of it"

  • Writer's pictureE.Z. Rinsky

How ethical are you?

1) A grocery store clerk gives you too much change. How long do you deliberate before rushing out?

2) Would you tell a white lie to your partner if it was the only way to get him to put out?

3) Do you think that under certain circumstances, euthanasia could be fun?

4) Is it okay to steal work supplies, repackage them, and sell them wholesale to Staples?

5) On a trans-Atlantic flight to France, the elderly passenger next to you has a heart attack and nobody notices but you. If you notify the flight attendants, the plane will have to land in desolate Iceland. Does it matter how old the passenger is?

6) Your partner leaves her email account open on your shared computer. She’s just asking for it, right?

7) Your boss is an ethnic and sexual minority, but you strongly disagree with his office policies. Can you slander him, as long as you are careful to specify that it’s not his race or lifestyle choices that you take issue with?

8) If you knew you would never get caught, and nobody would get hurt, would you lose all self control?

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